Yup, THE Botox Cosmetic.

Please always check for this BRAND name when you are going to look into the world of the paralysing agents. There is a very important reason for it.

We use Botox brand name only, made in USA. 

It is hardly any work and a lot of fun. In fact, the Botox days generally end up with an office full of very excited women who talk non stop. Welcome to the party. Men are welcome too. Just be prepared to see the better side of women, if you do come during the rush hour. Remember, privacy is your calling. We just follow the instructions.

In simple terms, when you smile, a lot of your face muscles go in action. You can paralyze the ones that make you look wrinkly, while leaving the rest alone. As to the frown lines, better be sure that is what you want. Once you paralyze the frown muscles, your three year old may not be scared of you anymore. And you may look like a porcelain doll. You can also use Botox to paralyze one side of a tug of war game. If you paralyze the muscle that lowers the eyebrow corner, the other side is happy and pulls the brow up more easily. And you can paralyze the bunch of disorderly muscles that give you a puckered chin. You can have a smooth chin instead. (And if you like, you can overdose on the Botox and get a hanging chin - just kidding.)

Remember, lowering your bangs on the forehead is a lot cheaper than using Botox to treat the horizontal furrows.

By the same token, if the Botox spreads into nearby muscles, they may get weak or paralyzed as well. Meaning that you may have droopy eyebrows, weak smile or even slightly uneven smile or frown on the two sides. Generally speaking, if you want to have additional Botox to handle less than desired wrinkle smoothing or muscle paralysis, you can get an additional dose within a week or two of the original treatment. We will give you a discounted price for something like this. (About 1 to 2 out of 10 may need this.) If the Botox action is too much or has spread to nearby muscles, all you can do is wait.

In case of upper eyelid drooping (from the Botox causing undesired paralysis of the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid - while trying to treat the Glabellar frown lines), there is another muscle on the deep side of the eyelid that is usually still working and you may be able to STIMULATE that second muscle by using Visine eye drops. This will give you a short term correction of the droopy eyelid, while you shop or appear for that TV show.

As to the Botox itself, it is not possible to reverse it once it is set. In fact, the mechanism of action of the Botox is to stop the working of the connection between your brain and the muscle. The brain on a normal day, always gets a report back from the muscle, constantly. When the muscle is paralysed and does not talk back to the brain, the brain gets ansy, and tells the body to start generating new connections. Depending on this healing process, some patients can make the muscle work again faster than others. This is why the effect of Botox lasts different length of time for different patients.

The name Botox is actually a brand name for the original stuff used for several years. Now, there are lots of other companies that manufacture the same type of products or related products with similar actions. The companies do not necessarily promote the use of the word Botox - but the people who use them (including doctors, paramedicals and even cosmeticians. not to mention others who ride the band wagon as well) - may use the term Botox; simply because it is so popular.

A prime example is the cases of several patients who actually received unregulated Botulinum toxin (thought to be from China) and were paralyzed enough to stop breathing. This happened in South Florida. If you call the Allergan company that makes the real Botox, they may have a lot more to say.

Anyway, the Botulinum toxin is actually the poison that a particular bacteria make in spoiled food products, even inside your refrigerator. Naturally, the concentration and amount of the poison will decide, how fast and how much one gets paralysed. Death is not uncommon in this settings. What we use in our office comes from a state of the art production lab and is well calibrated and controlled. You can actually relax! 

The Botulinum toxin - when used in  very small amounts and injected into a muscle - will paralyse only the muscle it is injected into. It became very useful to stop the facial tics and eyelid spasms in patients having these uncontrolled muscle spasms. It is also very useful in controlling the back and neck muscle spasms. Imagine, getting a relief for a couple of months at a time! The same poison works well for many migraine headaches.

Also the muscles are not the only things that get paralyzed. Some of the sweat glands also are under the control of the chemical Acetylcholine in the body - and yes, the botulinum toxin can help smelling arm pits and sweaty palms. I don't think your teenager's stinky shoes can be helped. You just kick your teenager out of the car for that.

And then, you can use the Botox for frivolous reasons. Like looking better. Playing the tune "see I got more than you do" etc. Smile. It is OK to be a woman and act like one too.

The way I like to do the Botox treatments is that I dilute the stuff a little more than what the bottle label says. This way I have a larger volume for the same amount of Botox and I can take my time to spread it out in the muscle. You will learn first hand - how a pin cushion feels. And you will be laughing at the same time. Actually, NO, I will ask you NOT to laugh or smile for the next 8 to 12 hours. You will have to act like a genuine Indian Yogi. Calm and passive. That is because, it will be good for your soul and it will keep the Botox from being squeezed out of the muscle - like water out of a sponge. Remember, Botox can only paralyze muscles when it is INSIDE the same. It does nothing under the skin and inside the fat (God forbid if you have excess fat. You will be shopping for other pain inflicting procedures in my office.)

As to the possible side effects - allergic reaction is theoretically possible. I have not seen one so far and have not heard of the same in the limited readings that I do. There is usually redness and mild swelling for a few hours. Black and blue is from the needle poking a hole in the blood vessels. (Botox has no color). Using ice cubes locally helps a lot - like placebo - just don't push hard on the area and don't massage. Leave it alone. In high doses (much higher than cosmetic use, other complications are possible. You can actually get to read the Botox package insert if you want to. Or check out the company web site.)

If you experience any thing unusual, let me know. Like feeling Happy. The effect of Botox is NOT instant. It should show gradually in 3 to 4 days. By 6 to 7 days, it should be maximum and should last 2 to 3 months. It will wear off gradually too.

Be Happy. Only YOU can do that to your self.

And the number to call is 386-756-9009.