Right now there are only photographs of breast augmentation here. (trial set only). For all other photos and info, please go to my other website at this link --


You can also come to our office - no charge - anytime while we are open. (p.s. we do go to the beach once in a while !)

I will be posting hundreds - if not thousands - of photgraphs here. ( I am not kidding on this one.)

I will be placing procedure titles and several different patients under each title. You will have all age groups, body weights and patients from simple to real challanging ones. This list will lead you to a new file page - either a Word or a PDF file with simultaneous multiple photographs of the procedure and patient you selected.

This way you can pick the one you want very fast and not have to wait for the entire web site to load.

For now; I am experimenting with the Macromedia Flash player album below. Just bring your mouse pointer to the space below the main photograph and go to the either end of the box. You will be chasing your tail, kind of.

Have fun, I am certainly enjoying this.

Dr. Moradia.


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